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We are fueled with our ambitious vision to assist you in meeting your urgent financial requirements in the times of an emergency, not by offering loan with hefty interest rates but by purchasing your unwanted old jewelry at the market rates in Delhi NCR.

If you are one of those individuals who have made some future investments in the form of gold bullion then you might have some trouble in realizing its value as there are a lot of gold dealers in Delhi NCR that makes an attempt to take a huge cut from its price when you sell it to them. But when we buy gold bullion from you we offer you its complete value without any kind of deductions or cuts.

We will give you full detailed information about how we came to the value that we are offering for your precious ornaments.

How do we offer the most?

When Cash for Gold & Silverkings in Sarita Vihar buy gold bullion from you we do not make use of the conventional acid method for checking its purity, instead we utilize the XRF keratometer which is the latest jewelry appraising tool, and this allows us to know clear and precise value for your item in the most transparent way possible and that too without damaging the concerned item.

After determining its quality we check the international market value of the yellow metal then we decide how much we should pay for it, our price catalogs are updated almost every day so there is no need to worry about getting quotes which are not up to date with the market trends.

All of our services are free so there is no deduction made in the final quote that we arrived at after all the abovementioned process.

So, this is how you get paid when you deal in any one of our 20 outlets. So if you wish to get the highest possible price for your precious valuables then consider getting in touch with us right now with the help of our 24x7 available customer service, you can even avail a free pick-up service if you are living under the 45Km radius from our outlets. If you want our free home pickup service in Sarita Vihar or anywhere in Delhi NCR then contact us at Gold Buyer in Sarita Vihar helpline number +91-9999837955, 9999333245 we are available 24/7 for your help.

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