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Finding the best dealer who can give you the maximum price for your old jewelry is a very challenging task. You may need to roam from one shop to another but still not find the best deal for selling your ornaments. And in the end, you settle for something much less than what you actually deserve. But there is no need to settle for less payout when you can just visit us in Rani Bagh for selling your precious ornaments.

We buy gold from you and provide you with the most profitable deal for not only gold but for any other type of ornament as well. You will never be disappointed with the price that we will offer in exchange for your jewelry. We are a certified buyer and we have been serving our customers for more than two decades.

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We are genuine and certified jewelry buyers of Delhi NCR and we deal in each type and form of ornaments be it silver, diamond, gold, or platinum. We will assess the quality and quantity of your item without any charges with XRF tools which further ensures greater payouts than anyone else.

Shops that can provide you with full market value are hard to find but with us not only we guarantee to offer 100% value we also raise the bar by offering up to 15% additional value for your items in our special offers.

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To make sure our clients are satisfied we make sure they know everything that goes in our purchasing process for this we have created a completely transparent purchasing process in which we assess the item’s value right in front of its owner and offer instant quotes for it. We value the comfort and trust of our clients that is why we also offer a secure and free pick-up service too.

Aside from this there are a lot other jewelry experts services waiting for you in each one of our outlet, so if you want to avoid any frauds and wish to get the most out of your ornaments then visit us right now or contact us through our 24x7 available customer service. To get the free home pickup service you need to dial Gold Buyer in Rani Bagh helpline number +91-9999837955, 9999333245.

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