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Cashfor Gold & Silverkings in Amar Colony (Delhi)

Located in South Delhi, Amar Colony is one of the best residential colonies in Delhi. Located just across from the Lajpat Nagar Market, the place is one of the most visited places in Delhi. There are many attractions here that attract people from all over Delhi to come here. The place is close to a famous marketplace, a hospital, an embassy, and famous restaurants. One other attractions that also attracts many visitors is Cashfor gold and Silverkings where you can sell gold Amar colony at the highest rate. Below are a few of the most famous places that you can visit here.

Lajpat Nagar Market

One of the most famous markets in Delhi, Lajpat Nagar Market is a hub of many products. From clothes to electronics to Household stuff to restaurants, there is no dearth of anything here. The place has large outlets of many international and local brands. It also has many roadside vendors from where you can buy quality products at pocket friendly prices. As thousands of people visit it daily, it also has many restaurants that cater to hundreds of people daily. Visit this place with your family on weekends to avail yourself many offers and discounts.

Moolchand Paratha

One of the earliest Paratha Wala in Delhi which used to serve all night, Moolchand Paratha Wala is the most famous Paratha place in Delhi after the Chandni Chowk Paratha. The place is no longer a small stall now which it used to be a decade ago. It is now a well-furnished restaurant but still serves Parathas with the same taste. A perfect place for you to visit after you have made huge profits by selling your gold to the best gold buyer in Amar colony and enjoy with your family.

Korean Embassy

This is not your regular embassy as it allows common people to walk in and take part in various activities. It has a library where anyone can enroll and study in a quiet environment. It also organizes various functions in which many students participate too.

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