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Cashfor Gold & Silverkings in Netaji Nagar

Located next to the two of the biggest hotels in Delhi, Hyatt and Leela Palace, Netaji Nagar is one of the best localities in Delhi. It is also just a couple of minutes drive away from the south campus of the Delhi University. All these things make Netaji Nagar the best place to live or visit in Delhi. People come to this place for the many attractions that it offers. Cashfor gold and Silverkings is one such attraction where you can sell gold Netaji Nagar at the highest price. Below are few of the places that you can visit here.

Commonwealth Games Park

It is not like other big parks that are spread in a huge area. Built during the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth games, this park is located just next to the five star Leela hotel, this park takes pride in providing all the facilities that one may desire in a small space. There is an open gymnasium in the middle of the park, which attracts many fitness enthusiasts. A track is also there which is used by people to either run or jog.

Rail Museum

One of a kind museum in South Delhi, it is just behind Netaji Nagar and can be reached in a couple of minutes from anywhere in Netaji Nagar. The museum is also very close to the famous embassy road. The museum was first designed to be for all modes of transportation. But in later years it was made specifically for trains. How beautiful would it be for you to visit this place after selling your gold to the best gold buyer in Netaji Nagar with your family.

Palika Bhawan

One of the biggest markets in Delhi that deals in automotive parts, Palika Bhawan is situated just next to the ring road at Netaji Nagar. The complex is across from the famous Hyatt hotel and can be easily accessed from any part of Delhi NCR. There are hundreds of shops here that deal in automotive parts and other added accessories. You can also repair your car here or repaint it.

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