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Are you in need of money? Do you have valuable ornaments with you? Then what are you waiting for? Exchange those ornaments for money from the most trusted source for scrap jewelry prices.

We are in the business of buying ornaments and giving the best value in return for more than a decade now. You can have faith in us. We believe in valuing our customer’s trust.

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We accept every kind of jewelry like gold, silver, platinum, and diamond. And we can assure you that the money you will receive in return will be the highest in the market. No dealer will offer you as much we will. We are the best gold and silver buyer in Okhla and Delhi NCR.

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Know The Value Of Your Ornament

It is very important to know the current market value of your jewelry before selling it or you may be cheated. For this, you need to visit three or four jewelry shops which can give you a clear quotation of your jewelry price.

Retain The Original Invoice Of Your Ornament

In order to prove that your ornament is genuine and all the descriptions given by you are true it is very important to retain the original invoice of the ornament, you want to sell. Some buyers will not ask for the invoice but there are many who do not buy ornaments without their original bill.

Check The Purity Of The Metals In Your Jewelry Piece

You can never have an idea about the purity of your ornament’s metal until and unless you get it checked from a reputed shop having proper instruments. This is a very important step as the purity of the metal decides the price of the ornament.

Choose The Dealer Offering The Best Price

Different dealers will offer you a different price. So compare nicely and sell your ornament to the one who offers the best price. Make sure there are no hidden charges.

Sell Your Ornament

After going through all the above steps you are ready to sell your valuables.

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